The Chin Swee Caves Temple is a major attraction in Genting Highlands.  Perched 4,600 feet above sea level on a 28-acre rocky land, it gives visitors a panoramic view of the Karak mountains, amidst swirling clouds and cool air, and contains many attractions by itself.


The kaleidoscopic Nine-Colour Dragon Wall of Luck greets you to this magnificent place of worship. In the grounds of the main temple stand the statues of Buddha and Goddess Kuan-Yin.  Countless other statues from Chinese mythology allow opportunities for photography. There is also a nine-storey pagoda with 10,000 blessing lamps and countless figurines of Buddha. The roofs, caves and walls of the main temple are decorated with intricately carved motifs, dragons, unicorns and phoenixes.  Another highlight is the Chambers of Hell, which takes you on an educational tour of the basic teachings of Taoism and Buddhism.

Visitors from Singapore, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, United States and France have purposely come to Chin Swee Caves Temples to pray. The temple is dedicated to the late Reverend Master Chin Swee who lived in Fujian during the Soong Dynasty in the 11th century.